Pa’lante will recruit, train, and support Latina/os in running for office and serving on campaign staff for down-ballot races across Georgia.

Fostering Latino Leaders

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Pa’lante is shaping Georgia’s future through Latino empowerment.

What is Pa’Lante Georgia?

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Pa’lante amplifies Latino voices in politics! Ready to rewrite the story of representation, 
Pa’lante serves as the driving force for Georgia’s vibrant Latino community. Our mission? To recruit, train, and support emerging political leaders, propelling them into community governance from the local level to the national stage and empowering them to reach their full potential to effect change.

With a strategic approach and unwavering unity, we’re sparking a movement that fuels Latino candidates with Democratic values and skills to achieve every level of public leadership.

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At Pa’lante, we’re dedicated to equipping Latinos with the foundations for a successful campaign. Although not all candidates receive Pa’lante endorsement, our commitment to every candidate is unwavering. Endorsed candidates may receive monetary, in-kind, and other forms of support, but all candidates will be helped with training and navigating the political landscape.

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